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Scarlett Sass

I am a self-confessed brat with a smart mouth; a saucy, sassy minx and all around smartypants.

I have been fascinated with spanking for as long as I can remember and I class myself as a spankoholic (although I do not need help to quit … just a firm hand to keep me in line and calm my mind)

I am obsessed with spanking and its undeniable benefits to one’s wellbeing. I find it has a cathartic effect and I am left feeling cleansed and forgiven.

I have been lucky enough to meet some like-minded people which has given me the opportunity to turn my fantasies into reality. I love the feeling of being bent across a lap, scolded throughout as my skirt is lifted and my knickers are pulled down. I crave the sting from that first smack; flesh meeting flesh, the throbbing intensifying.

I am a lover of fine lingerie and presenting perfectly for punishment.  I am also an aspiring writer of spanking erotica and poetry. I hope you will enjoy some of the musings of a sassy spanko.