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  • I greatly enjoyed reading the beautifully written description of how Miss Sass and Mr. London were both dealt with under the Bellington Academy’s strict disciplinary procedure for not living up to the high standards expected of its staff.
    I love the way Miss Svenson instructed Miss Sass and Mr.London to punish each other in order to demonstrate that they were both capable of maintaining firm discipline in their classrooms.
    I loved the way that Miss Svenson had no alternative but to administer a severe punishment to both of them in line with the Academy’s strict code of conduct to bring it home to them that they must improve their performance.
    I absolutely love the exquisite photographs accompanying the description showing just how severely they were both punished.
    I feel sure that Miss Sass’s choice of purple-coloured suspender-belt, stocking tops and seams and heels did not comply with the Academy’s ciothing code and therefore contrubuted to the severity of her punishment.
    One thing is for certain, unless Miss Sass and Mr.London both rapidly pull their socks up, Miss Svenson will have no alternative but to sunmon them both to her study again to administer another strict disciplinary session in order to ensure that the high standards she expects at the Bellington Academy are maintained so that its good name can be preserved.

    • Thank you Edmund. Miss Svenson is a very strict headmistress as you have read. She is measured in administering discipline and does not rush. She just makes sure that her teachers are punished very soundly when they fail to meet the values of the academy. It is very humiliating to be ordered over the knee of a teaching colleague and spanked in front of your headtmistress too. Miss Sass and I will continue to try to meet our duties properly but I cannot imagine that we won’t fall foul of the rules again. We are sort of like that!

  • They receive big sound spanks from Miss as the pupils do ,best from Tim .

    • Cheers, Tim. Hope you enjoyed our little story. Miss Svenson does not discriminate. If you don’t meet the standards over the knee and desk you go. 🙂

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